Ghostbusters: Attack of the Whiny Men

Recently there has been somewhat of a backlash against the “feminist agenda” in films, despite women being nowhere near fair or equal representation, there are a bunch of whiny men who will complain endlessly about the latest “feminist” film. From attempts by MRAs to “boycott” the Force Awakens, to complaints that Furiosa in Mad Max is purely pandering to the “feminazis”. Now so far all those films have been a massive success, the boycott of Star Wars did I’m sure really worry them for a while (not really), but it scraped through with a record breaking box office figure! Mad Max had to make do with six academy awards and a measly $300 million or so at the box office.

Has this deterred the whiny men? Hell no! The latest subject of their ire is Ghostbusters, despite it having the original creator, Dan Aykroyd, on board, and many of the original cast. It has, gasp, got *women* as the actual heroes. This cannot be allowed, arise meninists, tip your fedoras and defend the faith!

Looking at the comments on the Facebook page you’d think it was a pre-determined fate for this film that it will flop. This one will finally be the box office failure that makes Hollywood wake up and stop “pandering” to those feminist. The comments are wall to wall negative, very few positive ones. Anyone daring to express a positive view is immediately jumped on by the whiny men.

Screenshot from 2016-04-26 15:10:41

Amusing misspelling by Kyle there, Freudian even. Kev is so sure no one could possibly be liking this, as yet to be released, film that he accuses Julie of being a bot!

So it seems Ghostbusters will be a total flop, the “sjw-feminist” alliance in Hollywood finally exposed and we can go back to all male action heroes. Or can we? One thing I know about “meninists” or “MRAs”, even just plain old sexist men, they like to brigade comment sections and let everyone know what their opinion is. Look at the likes for the Facebook page and it has 2.6 Million. Look at the likes for each individual post and there are usually double the number of likes, to negative comments.

I have a working hypothesis, the women (and men to a degree) who like this film are avoiding the toxic sludge of whiny men in the comment sections. There is far more support for this film than the whiners in the comment sections realise. So I did a little bit of analysis to see if this held up. Extract from the Facebook API the names of everyone commenting and liking the top posts on the page.  Then correlate first name to M/F using census data on male and female names. The results are interesting …

Screenshot from 2016-04-26 15:40:13

Very few unique people in the comment sections. I had roughly 1K comments and 2K likes, comments reduced to ~350 unique commenters and ~1700 unique likers. So straight away it can be seen there are lots of pressed people commenting over and over.

The gender balance matches my hypothesis with way more women liking the posts than men, more men commenting than women. I am surprised there are so many women in the commenters. But then it is unique commenters, and many of the men are commenting on every post to say how much they hate it. The few women commenting do it once, like Julie above, then never come back … For some inexplicable reason.

So will Ghostbusters tank? Maybe, it has certainly received some criticism from the feminist contingent as well. However it is clear the wall to wall negative comments, mostly from men, on every post, are not depicting the true level of support for the film. I personally hope it is also a massive success, just so it finally makes them re-think their actions in attacking a film based on it having women as the heroes. (Just kidding, of course they won’t re-think anything! Onto the next meninist crusade!)


4 thoughts on “Ghostbusters: Attack of the Whiny Men

  1. Blatant misrepresentation of numerous people who don’t like the trailer, and a person misspells heroin, thus He-Man woman hater is a real threat to society (though the woman using a lowercase i to refer to herself is just as telling, following from your “logic”). Here’s a working hypothesis: Maybe the trailer just isn’t funny? Maybe it’s an entirely pointless remake that appears to be nothing but a cash grab working on that ever-trusty nostalgia factor? Maybe it actively degrades feminism by pandering so hard to idiots like you who are buying it so vocally, hook, line, and sinker? Nah, it’s the MRAs. Totally just the MRAs. Maybe if you present the enemy as just one big group of baby-raping women-eating Huns, you won’t have to ever recognize a legitimate argument even if it metaphorically shits in your soup while you watch.

    Ah well, you won’t ever think critically about your own emotions! On to the third-wave of crusades!


    1. “Numerous people” misrepresented how? If this is a “not all” argument I’d suggest you drop it as no where did I say all people object due to sexist reasons.

      Not sure why you think this film has anything to do with feminism! The creator is well known for making films with women comedians, made nigh on £200 million with Bridesmaids. He is less well known for his contributions to feminist thought. I would think the best argument would be the studio execs are hoping for a cash cow from a proven director, not very feminist.

      I made an argument based on data, it supported my hypothesis that it is mainly men objecting to the film, with women “liking” the posts. If you have nothing but insult and over-wrought rhetoric in response then I suggest you rethink denigrating emotion as you seem to have it in spades.


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