Hello world!

Quick note, moving my personal domains off theblockbot.com infrastructure, preparation for the move to CQT as the new technical owners of @TheBlockBot  As usual any technical stuff like this, moving domains around etc, will all be done by me as the incumbent “techy” for the old @TheBlockBot. All queries about the running of the block bot service to go to @MAMelby, @Xanthe_Cat and @VanguardVivian as the admins of the service itself.

Oh and I see from TheBlockBot.com front page, some people have been asking QCT about the bot. They will be happy to hear about technical plans for the next bot. But will never be in charge of the modding teams, those will be headed by admins as they currently are, the service will be managed by CQT.

Obligatory Patreon link for CQT, go donate for a better block bot 🙂 https://www.patreon.com/CollectQT

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Was going to message you on twitter, but *apparently* I can only privately tweet someone following me, which seems odd. oh well :-\ anyway, I’m not sure the protocol for asking if you can follow someones private twitter, but I do like listening to you on Pharyngula, and am happy to have found my way to your blog.


    1. Hi, I have a few trolls trying to follow me on Twitter. So I tend to keep it only to people I know are ok. You’ve not tweeted anything yet – so I can’t tell!

      What nym do you comment on at FTB?


      1. Tekore accounting for all of my… Like 3 posts in however many years I’ve be there😝. I’m not very chatty, which is part of why I hadn’t gotten on Twitter till now. I can’t really vouch for myself much, and I can totally get the troll issue.


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